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Connie Haubert DiMaggio (owner) She was born and raised in Wooster, Ohio. She lived in Columbus, Ohio from the early seventies to the mid eighties. She moved down to Charleston in the spring of 1985. She was a full time nurse at MUSC in the MICU units during the night shift. She bought Penachio's from the former owner, Ronnie Byers.
John DiMaggio (manager) He was born and raised in New York. He once owned the restaurant The Winery on Ashley River Rd, which is now Checkered Flag.  He has been working closely with Penachio's for a long time. He was manager of it while Ronnie Byers owned it.
Nikkie Fairchild (banquet manager/webmistress) Daughter of owner, she was born in Columbus, Ohio. She moved here with her mother in 1985. But did go back to Ohio after Hugo hit in 1989. She came back to Charleston in 1993 and attended Trident Technical College. .
Nick Lepere (Assistant Manager) He is originally from Michigan. He bagan working at Penachio's last year during the mid to late summer. He was previously in the military.
Hodges Campbell (Head Chef) He's a hard worker in the kitchen and has been with the restaurant since the dawning of mankind. He has been here for all the years that Ronnie Byers owned it off and on, and stayed on when Connie bought it for good from Ronnie. A sweet man who is a great cook!
Tony (Assistant Chef) Tony, like Hodges is also an extremely hard worker in the kitchen. He's been with Penachio's for a few years now, and is a pleasure to have in the back.
We have a bunch of very nice young people working for us. Please come in and meet the staff!!
Care to join our warm, personable family? Then do not hesitate to apply.