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Buffalo Wings                                        
Your choice of hor or mild sauce or our own special lemon pepper.
Mozzarella Marinara
Delicately seasoned, imported mozzarella cheese deep-fried to a golden brown and served with marinara sauce.
Fried Calamari
Tender fried deep sea squid served with lemon and marinara sauce.
Soup of the Day
Made daily and always excellent.
Hot Antipasto for Two
An exquisite aray of baked Italian specialites including shrimp, mussels, fish, and scallops in a delicate wine sauce.
Steamed Mussels
Served in a delicate lemon butter wine and garlic sauce.


Garden Salad
Fresh garden salad with lettuce, tomato, mushrroms, shredded red cabbage, and carrots served with our signature homemade dressing.

Cold Antipasto for Two
An array of Italian delights including capacola ham, bell peppers, provlne cheese, black olives, sprinkled with feta and cheddar cheese and topped with salami, and homemade house dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad
Skinless chicken tenders grilled and served over a bed of lettuce and topped with your choice of homemade house dressing.

Sandwiches*not available after 7 pm*
Chicken Parmagiana
Italian Sausage
Grilled Chicken

*served with pasta or fries*

Spaghetti Marinara
Our traditional home-made tomato sauce served over cooked spaghetti. A hearty meal!
Spaghetti with Meat Balls
We compliment the sauce with the chef's special meatballs.
A traditional family favortie from the northern regions of Italy.
Our premium choice steaks are selected adn hand cut daily by our chef, charbroiled and served with pasta and sauteed vegtables.
Baked Ziti
Oven baked combined with eggplant and Italian ham in a creamy, zesty tomato sauce topped with a layer of provolone cheese.
Linguine w/Clams Sauce
Prepared with a superb sauce of tender baby clames, delicatly seasoned with herbs and spices.
Fettucine Alfredo
From the original Alfredo's in Rome, we bring to you this superb blend of fettucine with the rich creamy sauce.
Chicken and Shrimp Penache
Chicken and shrimp served in sherry and a lobster cream sauce. Served with Pasta.
Chicken Francese
Tender chicken bresats dipped in egg, sauteed with fresh mushrooms in a lemon butter sauce with white wine and midly seasoned. Served with pasta.
Chicken Parmagiana
Fillet of chicken, lightly breaded, topped with our hearty tomato sauce and fresh provolone cheese. Served with pasta.
Shrimp Scampi
Local fresh shrimp sauteed in a delicate garlic sauce with white wine, fresh herbs and a dash of brandy, served over linguine.
Fried Shrimp
Butterfly shrimp breaded, seasoned, and fried served with cocktail sauce. Served with your choice of pasta or french fries.
Seafood Platter
A generous portion of fresh shrimp, scallops, and fish served with a side of pasta marinara or french fries. Broiled or fried.
Mediterranean Shrimp
Sauteed shrimp with black olives, scallions, mushrooms, tomato, and feta cheese over pasta.
Steamed Mussels
Your choice. Steamed in a lemon, butter, garlic, wine sauce our zesty marinara sauce. Served over pasta.
Seafood Alfredo
Sauteed fresh shrimp, scallops, mussels, and local fish tossed with fettucine alfredo.
Poached Salmon
Fresh salmon prepared and toppped with a delicate lobster cream sauce and accompanied with shrimp and mussels. Served with pasta.
Eggplant Parmagiana
Fresh eggplant lightly breaded and topped with our hearty tomato sauce and fresh provolne cheese. Served with pasta.
Veal Parmagiana
Cutlet of veal, lightly breaded adn topped with our hearty tomato sauce and fresh provolone cheese. Served with pasta.
Veal Piccata
Scallopini of tender veal, sauteed with fresh mushrooms, capers, lemon, herbs, and wine. Served with pasta.

Side Items

Salad with Entree
Side of Pasta
French Fries
Garlic Loaf
Suateed Garden Vegtables
Soft Drinks

* For the light appetite, all entrees can be shared for an additionallll $2.50 plate charge.